A Special Evening for Women Beer Drinkers

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Join us on Thursday, October 1st at 5:30pm at the upstairs bar for a female-only beer seminar by Ginger Johnson.


Ever wonder why women have the superior “tasting apparatus”?

Do you know what a “Brewster” is?

Ginger Johnson is a beer enthusiast and business person with a creative bent. She specializes in Marketing Beer To Women because, well, it’s never be specifically done before. Plus the need is great so she’s answering the call. The great people and beers she encounters absolutely make the effort worthwhile. Women Enjoying Beer partners with a wide range of engaged, open minded, and passionate people like brewers and consumers, to authentically and accurately develop and serve the female beer drinker.

Ginger has lived in seven states and has found great people – and usually good beers – in all of them (although she’d like a swing at more states and good beers). Her fresh perspective, singular, often irreverent and open-minded style in assisting others yields plentiful results.


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  • Lucille Dale

    Upstairs at what bar?!?!?

  • Lucille Dale

    never mind,,, just found out!!!
    Too bad you’re not here in Idaho Falls,,, I have LOTS of Girl Beer Buddies!!!!!!!

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