Brew Master’s Dinner

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We’re having a Brew Master’s Dinner this Wednesday December 17th! The meal is a combined effort with the chefs and brewers at the pub, and Slow Food in the Tetons. They are a wonderful organization with a focus on local, sustainable food that is community oriented- so a lot of this food is from local ranchers and farmers (and the beer is suuuuper local). Seating is limited but I hear there are still a few spaces available. Stop in and ask the bartender about it, or give us a call at 307 739 2337. Now let’s get to the good part and talk about the food… I got a look at the menu pairings and it looks delicious! It will be a 7 course masterpiece of food paired with beer that will either contrast or complement the flavors of the dish. Let’s take a look at this menu, eh?


The Calm Before the Storm


The Storm!

The Storm!


Braised Octopus with Oregano Pesto, Lime, and Shallots paired with Monarch Pilsner— The Monarch Pilsner is a light German lager that has a solid Hallertau hop aroma. The light body of this beer will pair with the delicate octopus and the hop aromas with bring out the herbal aromas of the pesto…mmmmm

Maple/Hickory Pork Belly, Blood Orange Marmalade, and Shaved Fennel paired with Sour Pandamonium — The Sour Pandemonium is a reeeaaaal treat. This beer will not be available to drink at the pub any other time (we might bottle some? but it was  specially soured for the Great American Beer Festival)… It’s a soured version of brewer Cam’s brown Belgian Quad (about 12% alcohol, I think?)! It was soured in wood barrels with blackberries, and trust me, it is one of the most delicious liquids one could drink. Its also a big enough beer with a strong malt backbone to stand up to pork belly and fennel. I think the blood orange marmalade will really tie all the flavors together. Also, pork belly? Yes, please.

Chris talking about beer and food pairings

Chris talking about beer and food pairings


Chris and Cory discussing the pairings...

Chris and Cory discussing the pairings…

Poached Pear, Duck Prosciutto, Brie, Candied Walnuts, and Kale Salad paired with Zonker Stout — The Zonker Stout has a slightly acidic flavor from the roasted and black malts that pairs beautifully with creamy and nutty flavors. While this pairing is usually taken advantage of as a dessert, our brilliant chefs decided they could be more creative! This combination of rich duck and creamy brie contrasted with slightly acidic stout will be phenomenal.

Chestnut Ravioli and Braised Local Lamb Ragu paired with Snow King Ale Snow King Ale is of course named in honor of Snow King Mountain, our local ski hill (and hiking hill in the summer). The moderately hoppy
English ale has a slightly nutty flavor that will complement the richness of chestnut ravioli and the tender, grassy flavor of lamb.

Pan Seared Barramundi, Swiss Chard, Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes, and Friend Leeks paired with Lager — Barramundi is a super sustainable white fish, which has a flavor similar to sea bass (but of course delicious sea bass is getting very over fished at the moment so this is a great alternative!- I had to look that up, but that’s what the internet is for!). The malty, sweet flavors of Snake River Lager will complement the thick slightly sweet fish paired with bitter greens and sweet potatoes.

Head Chef and Head Brewer enjoying themselves after all that hard work

Head Chef and Head Brewer enjoying themselves after all that hard work

Mead Ranch Sous-Vide Beef Short Rib, Deconstructed Marrow with Hibiscus and Pomegranate Vinaigrette paired with Pako’s IPA — IPAs are a great complement to meat, especially red meat, especially to local grass-fed red meat. The grassy, citrus hop flavors of Pako’s IPA will mesh perfectly with both the meaty flavors of the beef and the floral hints of hibiscus. This will be a rich but balanced course for sure!

Candied Banana, Creme Anglais, and Caramel, Custard Walnut Cake paired with Holla! Day Porter — I love this creative take on the Brew Master’s dessert- its not chocolate with stout! The Holla! Day Porter is a spicy, winter warmer of a porter. It has a sweetness that will complement this candied, creamy, caramely, custard cake., but the walnuts and the spice of the beer will offset the sweetness just enough to make it the perfect dessert.

A shot from one of Slow Food's previous dinners

A shot from one of Slow Food’s previous dinners

So, what I’m saying is that you should definitely join us on Wednesday. Because, I mean, this is going to be delicious!  Stop in and ask the bartender about the dinner, or give us a call at 307 739 2337 to check for availability. mmmmmmmm

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