Zonker Stout

A rich, well-balanced foreign style stout with a huge amount of roasted barley as well as chocolate, black, and caramel malts. The intense roast character is the main attribute of this black [...]


OB-1 Organic Ale

OB-1 (Organic Beer Number 1) is a USDA certified organic English style brown ale.  Snake River Brewing is proud to be the first and only brewery to be making certified organic beer in the state [...]


A.K. Session

AK Session is traditional English mild ale. Mild refers to its low hopping rate. Mild is an ale intended to be consumed in quantity, thus the name “session”. AK is thought to stand for “Ale [...]


Alpine Fest Lager

Alpine Fest is a hearty Oktoberfest style lager.  Deep copper in color and quite malty, Alpine Fest is brewed each fall to celebrate our own Oktoberfest in the brewpub. You can taste the [...]


See You In Helles

Helles is the German word for light-colored and perfectly describes this lager beer which is full bodied and lightly hopped.  Pilsner and aromatic malts combine to give it a light golden [...]