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Upcoming SRB beers (Oct-Nov 2017)
Hello beer friends-
Some beers to look forward to in the next few weeks.  If the availability time frame changes on anything, I’ll let you know. Some of these may go quick, too.
SNOW KING PALE ALE: is an American/English hybrid, inspired by hoppy U.S. pales. Copper in color, it combines two of the UK’s most classic hops, Challenger and Fuggle, with a U.S. grown Cascade and a high alpha Magnum.  Dry hopping brings out the delicate flavors and aromas. ABV 6% IBU 44
4/6 cans, 1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs – available by the end of Oct
Blood Orange Pale ale:  no name as of yet – 1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs only, still 2-3 weeks out
7 7 7 Fresh Hop IPA:  we picked fresh Idaho 7 and Zeus hops from Parma, drove them back to the brewpub that day, brewed with them the next day, and the aroma is amazing. 7 grains, Idaho 7 hops, 7% abv.  1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs only.
1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs only, estimated availability next week.
PILGRIM CREEK PORTER:  London style brown porter brewed with English chocolate “coffee” malt and hopped with Fuggle and UK Progress hops. Its a well balanced beer with chocolate malt flavors and low bitterness. ABV 4.8% IBU 28
1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs only, availability in early Nov
BLANK CZECH:  a Bohemian style pilsner like the beers from the town of Plzen, Czech Republic. Brewed with imported “floor-malted” barley. This beer is  full bodied, light colored,with a distinctive malt body that is balanced with generous amounts of Saaz hops. ABV 5.5% IBU 45
1/6 and 1/2 bbl kegs only, availability in early Nov
We still have hefeweizen kegs, and will continue making hefe through the winter.  There’s a few tap accounts in Jackson that have it on full time, so we can ride coattails and get hefe
As always, if there is anything further I can do, please feel free to get in touch.
Keith Forsgren

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Our Operations Team

  • Rudy Borrego
    Rudy Borrego Head Brewer

    He enjoys teaching pottery and building things with his hands when he’s not brewing. His favorite beer is his own signature brew, the Blank Czech Pilsner, but he loves all of his children/beers!

  • Mitch Rowe
    Mitch Rowe Head Hop Counter

    Over 300 months on the job. He is passionate about horses, rodeo and roping. His favorite beer for special occasions is the Cherry Serpent, but he loves the Pako’s IPA for day-in and day-out drinking. 

  • Melissa Kryger
    Melissa Kryger Front of House Manager

    She has psychic ability and a thing for fine champagne. Her favorite beer is the Snake River Pale Ale, but she always loves whatever specialty sour is on tap!

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy Brewer

    He loves fishing, mountain biking and skiing. His preferred nickname is Handsome John. His favorite beer is his own signature St. Patrick’s Day brew, McCarthy’s Red Ale

  • Jason Fariss
    Jason Fariss Brewer

    He enjoys economics and playing outdoors when he’s not brewing. His favorite beer is his own signature brew, the Schwarz- a black lager. 

  • Cameron Hieronymus
    Cameron Hieronymus Brewer and Barrel Master

    He comes from a serious brewing family- he has relatives who are brewers, brewery owners (Sun King Brewery) and beer writers (the famous Stan Hieronymous). His favorite beer is the Earned It. 

  • Bryan Boynton
    Bryan Boynton Brewer

    He loves hunting everything (elk, deer, moose!, pheasants) and fishing here and in Bahamas (or anywhere). His favorite beer is his own signature brew, the Golden Buck.