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Today was just a normal day. I was dry hopping a 60 bbl tank of Pako’s IPA. I was adding 66 lbs of hops to a fermenter when the beer started foaming, which is relatively normal- if we’re talking about a very minimal amount of foaming. But the foam didn’t stop. Initially it was just slowly creeping up… but then it exploded.

photo 1 (5)

The manway of this particular tank (Biggie Smalls) is at the very top. So I’m standing at the top of the ladder, after dumping all 66 lbs of hops in, and the hop-laced beer foam comes gushing out of the manway. I mean, seriously exploding out of the tank. Luckily I was wearing my rain coat? No, but I was really wearing my rain coat. And now I am covered in slowly drying hops- they are in my hair, on my pants, in my brewer booties, up my nose.

photo 2 (4)

how is it only 2:30? can I go home yet?

site of the hopsplosion

hopsplosion all over Biggie Smalls

So… just a normal Tuesday I guess? I’m already ready for the weekend. Lucky for me (and 7 of my coworkers) we leave for the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) tomorrow!!

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