New 6 pack holders

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We have been canning our beer for a couple years now, and we had been using the 6 holders that snap on top (pak-techs). Originally, we were hoping those could be recycled (because they are #2 plastic!), but alas, they were not accepted at our local recycling center so they ended up in a landfill.  As a result, we are switching our six pack holder from the full-top snap on cover to the “traditional plastic ring holders. Now, now, hear me out! They are actually more environmentally conscious!

New 6 pack holders!

First off, while pak-techs are made from recycled material- they are not recyclable themselves here in Jackson. Pak-techs that diligent customers brought back to the pub for us to reuse were most often broken and not reusable, so we sent the vast majority of those to a landfill. While the plastic ring holders are not recyclable at this time either, they are 1/7 of the volume of the pak-techs. So we will be sending 6/7 th less trash to the landfill! That is good.

Also, just like the aluminum cans save 2/3 of inbound truck trips compared to bottles, the rings would save 6/7 of transportation impact, fuel, emissions compared to the pak-techs. We will be using less transportation related energy, which is also good.

Finally, today’s plastic rings are formulated to photo-degrade in 30-60 days, which means wild life entrapment is lessened! The company we get the plastic rings from are very concerned about their environmental impact (and probably their public image as well, but still…) and make an effort to have a positive impact. If you want to be a top-notch global citizen, you can still cut them up/pull them apart and definitely make sure they cannot escape recycling to become litter!

Let us know if you have any questions! We hope this will make your to-go beer drinking more enjoyable!



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