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Off Season Happenings!

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Off season is upon us! They are starting to make snow on our local hill, Snow King Mountain (even though its not quite ready to stick), it’s freezing at night, and the Elk have come down out of the mountains. Things slow down a little bit, and we have time to organize, clean, order new barrels (!) and start construction projects!!! First things first, we stack the picnic tables on the deck so we have room for all of the wood. During the winter months, we have a roaring fire downstairs so we store pallets of wood on the deck for easy access for the front of house workers/fire builders. Nearly every morning, part of their side work consists of collecting and splitting wood for the fire! And then I’m sure they have some sort of fight over who gets to build the fire, because that is always the most fun.


Stacks of Wood Ready for the Fire

We are also starting construction on our upcoming beer yard! Frederick Landscaping will transform the front parking lot – next Spring. They just started a little preliminary landscaping, so they can get straight to it in once the snow melts. I believe that bit there will be the mini-golf course… stay tuned for more details!


Bye Bye Trees…

And we ordered RUM BARRELS for our barreling program!!!!!! This is exciting. This is SO EXCITING!!! We’ve never had rum barrels! Just whiskey, wine, and tequila, so this is a whole new ball game. We just brewed a porter that will be on tap in a couple weeks… and maybe some of that will be squirreled away in a new rum barrel? Maybe some Jenny Lake Lager will be aged in a fresh rum barrel?!?! So many delicious possibilities! What do you think would benefit from aging in a rum barrel?


Rum Barrel Delivery!

And finally, here is me in our official Great American Beer Festival shirt from this year’s festivities… it is an official Stio design in a really nice fabric with our patch sewn on there to make it officially Snake River Brewing. (I am very official.) Every year, we all wear the same shirt to the Awards Ceremony and to the session after that so we stick out and are easily identifiable. It’s fun! It’s quirky! It’s a tradition! Just to remind you, we won an award for our Old Keller Alt. It’s not on tap anymore, but it was delicious! The Rolling Thunder Dortmunder is on tap RIGHT NOW, and it has won multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival in the past. So come in and drink award winning beer! Ok? Happy Friday!


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