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Rum Barrels

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Hello beautiful people! We filled the BRAND NEW RUM BARRELS with Pilgrim Creek Porter and Golden Buck! We are starting to expand our barrel program, and these new barrels are allowing us to not only make more barrel aged and sour beers, but also to be more creative and experimental with our barrels. These fresh rum barrels were filled with two beers- a porter and light golden ale. The first round of beers in the barrel will most likely have the strongest rum flavor. It will be exciting to see how the flavors develop over time.


Let me tell you what. Those barrels smell so darn good, I can’t imagine what a rum distillery would smell like. And I don’t even like rum.


I love the color of the rum barrels… they are so much darker than our other barrels (wine and whiskey). They look like they came off of a pirate ship smuggling rum. And treasure! Craft beer treasure!


Also, I made a side table out of broken pallets last weekend and I’ve maybe never been more proud of anything in my life. It is very simple, pretty rough, and not necessarily aesthetically appealing.  BUT I broke down the pallets, ripped out the old nails, cut all of the boards using a circular saw, and screwed every piece together until I had something that resembled a small table. I feel very empowered.



Cheers to the weekends when its too rainy and cold to bike or hike but not snowy or cold enough to ski! Come in for a beer or build a table or bake some bread or cook a meal or home brew…

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