Jenny Lake Lager AKA: Snake River Lager

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Jenny Lake Lager/Snake River Lager is an amber colored Vienna style lager. An authentic German lager yeast strain insures a mild profile. Imported German malts impart a rich, caramel flavor which is balanced with the subtle use of continental hop varieties.  The  malt forward, slightly sweet profile of Snake River Lager makes it a fine complement to pizzas and red meat. The alcohol content is 4.8% abv. 20 IBUs.

*In Spring 2015, SRL was re-branded to Jenny Lake Lager and one dollar per case for the next two years is being donated to the Inspiring Journeys campaign for Jenny Lake  with our partners the Grand Teton National Park Foundation.*

Great American Beer Fest 1999 – Silver, 2000 – Gold, 2001 – Gold, 2003 – Gold

World Beer Cup 2000 – Silver

North American Beer Fest 2000 – Gold, 2009 – Bronze, 2010 – Gold

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  • john lyster

    I live in Portland OR. Where can I buy this?

    • Rocky Rabjohns

      Hi John! Unfortunately we do not distribute to Oregon yet, but thanks for the interest! Come visit us in Wyoming!

  • rollie Halvorsen

    Do you still have snake river lager in the bottles? we have the cans here in Sheridan,WY. Thanks, Rollie

    • Rocky Rabjohns

      Hi Rollie! We are exclusively canning the lager now. The only bottles we do now are the large bombers for specialty beers and those are only sold at our brewpub in Jackson. Thanks for asking!

  • Trayll Roseberger

    Just tried this at Mintana Ale Works in Bozeman and loved it. The problem is we live in Bismarck, ND. Do you sell there or ship via FedEx?

  • Jai Kirankumar

    We live in Minneapolis. Where can I buy this beer here in the Twin Cities. Thank you.

  • Sarah

    Hi there – I know you occasionally distribute to Wisconsin. Where in Wisconsin do you ship to?

    • Rocky Rabjohns

      Hi Sarah, we ship to Brennan’s Market in Wisconsin. Thanks for your interest!

  • Becky

    Do you distribute to Colorado? If so, where can I buy the Snake River Lager? Thank you!

    • Rocky Rabjohns

      Hi Becky! We are currently working on getting a license to distribute in Colorado! Hopefully that will be happening in the next couple months, and I’ll let you know where specifically our beer will be. Thanks for your interest! Also if you need to get some Snake River Brewing beer before then, we can ship you beer! Just call us at 307-739-BEER (2337) to order and we can ship you Jenny Lake Lager, Monarch Pilsner, Snake River Pale Ale, Pako’s IPA, or Zonker Stout cans!

  • Jim

    I used to be able to buy SRL in bottles at Hills Market in Columbus, Ohio. They don’t carry it any more. Do you know any Central OH stores that sell Snake River Lager?

  • Chris

    Hi Jim, I’m not really sure how the lager ever wound up in OH but Ican tell you we are not shipping there now. You just need to plan a Jackson Hole vacation that’s all!

  • Merle Peace

    How can I go about getting some beer shipped to maryland or New Jersey?

    • Rocky Rabjohns

      Merle, you can get beer shipped to Maryland or New Jersey by giving us a call at 307.739.BEER (2337). We can ship you Pale Ale, Jenny Lake Lager, Monarch Pilsner, Zonker Stout, Pako’s IPA, or a mix pack! Give us a call and we can set that up for you! Thanks so much for your interest!

  • LF

    Do you distribute to Colorado now? Thanks!

    • Rocky

      Hello! WE DO!!! We just started distributing to Colorado and we are super excited about it! You can find Snake River Brewing Beer along the I-70 corridor (from Breckenridge to Glenwood Springs, including Vail, Aspen, Frisco, Leadville etc) mostly at liquor stores. Thanks for you interest and support!

  • Tracey Spenser

    Love your Jenny Lake Lager. Do you distribute in the Seattle area?

    • Rocky

      Hello Tracey! Unfortunately, we do not distribute to California, but we can ship beer to you! Just call 307-739-2337 and you can order Jenny Lake Lager (and Snake River Pale Ale, Zonker Stout or Pako’s IPA) to be shipped to most states! Thanks for your interest!

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