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We had the pleasure of hosting Ginger, the founder of Women Enjoying Beer, this week for 2 talks.

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Ginger’s company- Women Enjoying Beer!

The 1st talk was for employees to increase the knowledge of our Front of House (hosts, busers, waiters, and bartenders), our Back of House (bakers and cooks), our management team (marketing and sales), and even our brewers! We talked about the language of beer, which means using specific flavor descriptors for each beer. It was very interesting and valuable for every member of our team! Continual education for all of our staff is super important.

After the 1st talk, Krissy (our marketing guru) and I were on Ginger’s radio show. We talked about how we got into the brewing industry, our favorite ways to cook with beer, and lots of other fun beer-related topics! We were just chatting away, and the hour went by really fast. If you really want to embaress Krissy and I, you can listen to that show here. Our show was recorded on Wednesday 9/24.

beer radio

Beer Radio! Ginger’s weekly radio show.

The 2nd talk was open to the public and it was about the “Herstory” of beer (although there were a lot of great questions that side tracked us for a time). Women used to be the primary brewers (called brewsters) until the “westernization” of cultures pushed women out of brewing (and other prominent roles). Women were the prominent cooks, which lead directly to home brewing! Brewing was a special and revered practice that happened at the hearth. Ironically women’s group were initially behind prohibition. Prohibition largely came about because of unregulated and sometimes poisonous beer. During prohibition, spirits were allowed to be distilled for medicinal purposes and wine was allowed to be made for sacramental purposes. Breweries were able to sell malt extract for “non brewing purposes,” and as long as that warning was on the label they could sell the supplies to home brewers. During prohibition Mafia power mushroomed out of control, the Government lost a giant amount of revenue, and illegal alcohol flourished, which lead to the eventual overturn of prohibition- 13 years later.

Ginger is full of knowledge! I learned a lot, and got to have a couple of great conversations! Beer has been a part of our culture for so long, that there is a lot of interesting history related to beer. Ginger is going to pass along some of her favorite beer related books, and when she does I will share those with you all!

Do you know of any good brewing books or blogs?!? I always love new interesting references!


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